Patagonia Outlet in Reno selected five organizations to promote during the Voice Your Choice Campaign. River Wranglers is one of the five! The publice is invited to learn more about the organizations and to select their favorite cause. We are setting up a display at Patagonia on Saturday, June 21 from 10:00 - 1:30. Come down and check us out and cast your vote for the organization you would like Patagonia to support with a $4,000 donation. Just imagine what we could do with $4,000 if we receive the mosts votes!!

The campaign began June 10 and ends July 19. You may vote in person each time you go to the store. Patagonia is located in west Reno so check out their website for directions and more information about Voice Your Choice.

You are also invited to the Voice Your Choice reception at Patagonia Outlet on August 3, 2008 from 5:30-7:30. You can check out each of the five organizations and learn how you can support environmental activism in northen Nevada. So come down and see us on Saturday, June 21. We'll be there...hope you will be there too!

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