Everyone was willing and excited...Ft. Churchill State Park, Silver Stage High School student volunteers, River Wranglers and nearly 400 kids from Natchez, East Valley, West End and Riverview Elementary Schools. This was our first attempt at a mega sized field trip and the teens did a fantastic job

educating an overwhelming and eager crowd of 4th and 5th graders. What a great time we had learning

about the Carson River watershed!

Special thanks to Patrick Peters, principal of Silver Stage High School and Kathryn Schaible, science instructor. The state park supervisor and employees did a

great job teaching about the history of Ft. Churchill and arranging for a grant to pay the mountain man, camped up at the fort

headquarters. The teens were, simply put, awesome. With the numbers of elementary kids attending this event, teens forfitted their lunch to work with them as they learned about boating safety, recycling, the use of goats in weed control, reptiles, birds....and much, much more.

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