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July 21


2009, Linda and I worked with fourth graders teaching them about the Carson Watershed. They got into ten groups of four and sat around a map each group was given and we played a game kind of like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ I would pull out an animal pelt and Linda would say what it was, and at first I walked around with it so they could feel the fur but then Linda would take them from me so I wouldn’t have to. This was my very first time working with the animal pelts, and I was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t show the kids me emotions because if I was reacting weird to the pelt

s they would too. Well anyways they would find that animal on the map and then touch it. After that we ventured on for our hike down to the river. We stopped at the little wetland we had spotted before and we explained what wetlands were and how they were good to the environment. Linda and I did the activity about the wetlands where they pull out an object from the pillowcase. Every kid wanted to pull something from the pillow case, and they would crowd around me so I couldn’t move, and after they would pull they wanted to pull another one. So I ended up telling them to leave my area after they got to pick. A little girl said, ‘I haven’t picked yet. When are you going to let me pick? You’re not being fair.’ After that I didn’t let h

er go. Leaving the wetland was hard because the kids didn’t want to move. When we got around to the river, Linda played a game with them where they were detectives. They had to look around the river in the area we were in and decide if it was healthy or polluted. It was healthy, they decided. After we left from that little area, Linda and I walked down to a part where we had seen fishes the other day we were there, and little Jose followed us. Linda got a rock with bugs on it, but as we were walking toward the group of kids the bugs started falling off, so she got a new rock when we reached them by the river. The day was hot and no shade from clouds only trees, where ever you could find trees. It was fun working with the kids because they make you feel young again. A few little boys were saying songs that their friends made up that were around when I was there age, and they were drawing the same things I did when I was that age. It was just really pleasant.

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