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ng up a Saturday isn’t always what someone wants to do. I don’t like giving them up but I made the exception for this particular Saturday. Linda took me out to


where they were hosting a kid event sponsored by the Canvasback Duck Club. The project that Linda and I did was about wetlands. We both had one pillow case and we would have things in it that the audience would pull out of our bag. We’d ask them what it was and how they thought it resembled part of a wetland. The audience was always shocked when they would pull out a box of Corn Flakes cereal, and they’d say they had no idea what it was for. Well Linda would say, ‘in the morning you go and pour yourself a bowl of this because… (Pause)….because you’re hungry right?’ Then the kids would say, ‘oh yea!’ We were also right next to the booth where they painted the decoy ducks, so that booth was super busy and a few kids thought they had to go to our booth before they could go paint one. When ever we had some parents bring over their kids we would make them reach in the bag and


ull out an item. So we tried to make it fun for everyone. We had some wetland soil and when we would explain what wetlands were Linda or I would open up the container and tell them to smell it, and Linda tried really hard to get the reaction of some of the funny faces they made but she wasn’t quite successful. At lunch time Linda and I walked around the room to see what was going on inside, they had exhibits of duck wings, duck drawings for a contest, darts, and a silent auction with some pretty neat stuff. They had boats and guns outside we had heard about but we didn’t look around outside to see what they had outside. We met a lot of new people, saw some very cute little kids, and although people thought this event was for boys there were a lot of girls there too.