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At the UNCE Environmental Festival at



, our table (Linda and me) was H2Olympics. Linda taught about cohesion by having people use a water dropper and putting water drops onto pennies. The average guesses that people had were about four or five, but actually twenty or more was what they ended up with on their penny before it over flowed. A little boy said, ’Wow! That’s really neat! How can it keep the bubble on the penny like that?’ And that’s when Linda would tell them about cohesion again. The second part of the Olympics was there would be a cup full of water and people would try to put on as many paperclips as you could onto the surface of the water but they couldn’t drop or it wouldn’t count. This one was for learning surface tension, and it was compared to the little bugs that can walk on the

water in the river or pool. A lot of people (of all ages) thought this was pretty neat. The last one we did was to show adhesion, and I’d have a full cup of water with a wet piece of yarn running down to another cup that was either empty or had some water in it. Place my finger over the yarn in the far back of the full cup and run the yarn down to the other cup and hold it right above it so you can see the water dripping. Then pour the water cup down so people can see the water running down the yarn and into the other cup. It was the biggest attraction and many people came over just to see it! ‘I want to try it!’ ‘Can I try it!?’ ‘That is so cool!’ were what we heard most of the time we did that activity. When the people coming around to booths started slowing down Linda and I would

water colo

r for our newest project and since Margie had a booth next to ours we had her come over and watercolor too. Before lunch Linda and I walked around and met some new people that were working the booths and we got a free tree each, Linda got a cucumber plant, I got a lanyard about being drug free, and I got to make a bird feeder at the wildlife booth. We learned about some of the fish they work with and Linda got a bracelet in the colors of orange and a peach to resemble fish eggs. The



had a booth their and they had pictures of bears and snakes and coyotes, and they actually had rubber coyotes poop and Linda picked it up and was playing with it. I thought it was rea

l and was getting really grossed out by

this action she did until she told me it was rubber and she wouldn’t really touch coyote poop. The Museum exhibit also had bear scat, and they had three different kinds of snakes soaking in water and they had five types of lizards also soaking in the water. They had two snakes fully preserved and out in the sun so you could see them. They kind of scared me a little. Another thing they had was bear and coyote fossil foot prints. Those were my favorite thing they had. Today was really fun, and being outside all day was a blast, luckily the health man had sunscreen for everyone.