Saturday 6/13/09 Linda took me, for my first day working, to the Weed Track and Attack Day. There I met Margie, she was the reason for the day, Genie, she helped out with everything, and few other people. We got bags with information about the noxious weeds, a garden shovel, gloves, and a coloring book. At first we looked at the fake noxious weeds so we could see what they looked like and know to look for, and we would take notes about why they were noxious and how to treat them. Then Margie handed out a GPS to everyone and gave instructions of where to go on it and how to get there and basically how to use it. We walked out to the horses water barrel and we marked it on the GPS that that was where we were headed, and we tested it out a few times. Margie then took us on a hike around the ranch and we looked at the wild flowers and the non-noxious weeds. We found a total of three noxious weeds, and the third one we found Linda and a man who worked with nature dug up the weed down to the root to make sure it wouldn’t come back again. It had prickles on the base and it was so sharp that it cut the mans arm, only a little bit, he was bleeding maybe a few grains of sand. When we were on our hike it started pouring rain but everyone wanted to continue on but since it started feeling like hail we headed back and after about two minutes it stopped completely, so we explored on. We walked into some Russian Knapweeds but since they were so big we couldn’t pull them so Margie was going to go out and spray them down. Continuing on our walk we went by the Carson River and looked for more weeds but couldn’t find any. After that we headed back the ranch house and used our GPS to get us going back toward the horses water barrel. When we all returned to the ranch house we ate lunch and asked questions about the GPS and the weeds, then Margie gave us a paper that we could fill out if we found a noxious weed and then she would get rid of it. When Linda and I we’re saying good-bye to everybody a dark object fell from the tree and almost hit Genie on her head. When she looked up she found an owl in the tree and it spat out bones from some animal I thought was a mouse. So after the pictures were taken we left.

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