River Wranglers organized or collaborated on six work days in the Carson River watershed at the end of the year. The first event, in Carson Valley, was taught by high school students from Douglas High School FFA. They worked with elementary 4th graders from Gardnerville and Minden elementary schools. The high school students did a great job and many returned the following day to teach students from CC Meneley and Minden schools. What we did not expect was the severe decline in weather as a storm moved into the area and drenched our event, bringing in freezing temperatures as well. Not to be undone by weather, we donned black plastic garbage bags fashioned into raincoats. We persevered and the day ended well, probably more memorable than most. Allyson Lammiman and her students make a great team. Thanks to all of them!

Special recognition to Kim for taking over the bioengineering station when the adult in charge had a medical emergency. She didn't even flinch, took over the station and the work went on!

Way to go, Kim!

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