One of the best things about being able to see and work with someone that is using or working with renewable resources is that you can explore the logistics and see how it will work for you as well as get some tips that will help you get yours working. One of the surprises that I got on this field trip was that there are other ways of having solar power without batteries.  You can put the power into the grid and get discounts on your power bill and tax credits. One of the things I wanted to know is if it is possible for any person to do this, not just people that have money. The things that I found out through this experience are that there are ways to get through and to accomplish your goals with very little expense on the part of the owner. This will definitely help me in my exploration of renewable energy and help me get my own setup of renewable energy.

Brennan, Silver Stage High School

visited Comstock Seeds in Gardnerville, Nevada

owner, Ed Kleiner

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