Monday, June 17.  I went to the Carson Water Subconservancy and met more people with River Wranglers.  I worked very hard that day but I was having fun while I was working.  I had to make name tags and print, cut and fold thank you cards.  It is fun helping River Wranglers because everybody is really nice and respectful.  I get to teach others about River Wranglers and it should be really fun.  Every day I get to do something new and its kinda fun , it keeps me busy busy but interested for the day.  I think I'm going to like doing this over the summer.

Thursday, June 20.  Today I had to finish getting everything ready for River Wranglers' Carson River Festival in Dayton on Saturday.  I cleaned up the trailer and made it all organized so everyone will find it easy for fing all the things they need.  I cleaned up the Enviroscape model and got out the supplies for the water cycle activity, the Incredible Journey.  I recruited my friend, Dusty, to help teach adults and kids something new.  And by teaching everyone else about the water cycle, I'll be learning new things as well.