The Carson River Festival in Dayton was really fun.  When we first got there we unloaded tables, chairs and set up canopies.  The kids started showing up and setting up their tables.  I got to teach about the water cycle with an activity called The Incredible Journey.  People get to make a bracelet.  You start with a sun bead.  The sun heats water on earth causing evaporation and then people travel to different stations:  clouds, soil, oceana, rivers, plants, lakes, groundwater, animals, and glaciers.  The kids liked making the bracelets and had fun.  I also helped other people at their booths if they needed it. We packed everything up, took down tables, chairs and canopies.  We packed it all in the trailer and it is still there!

I've been working very hard every day when I go to work.  I don't complain and I do my best to get everything done on time before my hours are up.   We've been cleaning everything and I'm having fun working with Linda.  This summer is a new experience for me and I'm just trying every day and having fun working outside and interacting with new people and making new friends at events.  Sometimes I work a 5-7 hour day and that keeps me really busy.