My summer is doing good. I had to take a week off of work because I broke my collar bone and I was not able to move it. I broke my collar bone on my week off from work on a Sunday I was outside hanging out with some friends and I was riding a rip stick and I was going too fast down this hill in Stagecoach I was going about 10 or 15 mph down that hill and I hit a small rock in the road and flew forward and landed on my right shoulder first. It only takes 8 pounds to brake a collar bone, and I did it! When I got up I was kind of smiling but I did not feel the bone break I knew I broke it by the way it felt but it did not really hurt until I was on the way to the hospital.

I’ve been working with Linda over the summer and it’s been going good. At first I

did not really want to work at all and I wanted to find every way out of it but I did not because that was not the right thing to do. So I showed up to work every day ready to go do something new. I do it anyways, working my hardest every day I have to work. Going to the office and making copies was fun, something I usually don’t like to do but did it with no problems. I think I’m a lazy kid but I do my work anyways with no problems. I don’t mind working but not so much over the summer when I could be with friends and making memories. I decided to work over this summer so I can get used to getting up early, be ready to work, and not be late.

   I’ve had to cut out name tags. That was easy. I was hoping I had to do that all day because sometimes I show up for work and I don’t want to work. I had to go on a job shadow with Sam Turner and it was fun because I got to learn about the different kinds of animals living around the lake and what they do to help the environment. I go on these fieldtrips with the Comstock Workers every Wednesday to different colleges, to learn about a place, or to go have fun. In two day I get to go to a rope cores. Today I got to do something I was really good at. I sandpapered folding chairs and I had to paint them different colors. I did a good job! I mixed some of the colors together and it looks funny but cool.

Over this summer I’m learning I am able to do anything if I put my mind to it. I will not give up on myself. I want to have fun but be safe doing it. I might go to college or get small jobs and go travel the world. I want to see family and meet new people to hang out with and make new friends around the world.

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