Water is a very important part of our ecosystem. In fact, without water, an ecosystem could not exist. Water is all around us, providing homes for sea animals and plants. We also drink it, bathe in it and use it for other everyday activities Our river systems connect together to make watersheds. All the tiny streams feed large rivers, so they ca  feed lakes and/or oceans. So the contamination of the smallest stream, can affect everything downstream. We often get our drinking water from the lakes and rivers in our area, so it Is important to keep the water clean, because cleaner water means a healthier food chain. If the fish we eat have lived in dirty water, they’ll have bacteria and could make us ill. So remember, keep the water in your area clean. That means no littering or dumping household chemicals on the ground or in a storm drain. Also, don’t pour chemicals     down the sink or flush them down the toilet. Another thing to remember, is that it is so important to conserve water! It’s pretty easy if you just do a few simple things like checking for leaky faucets or turning the water off while brushing your teeth. Don’t forget that every little thing you do for the environment counts! 

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