River Wranglers offers field trip opportunities for elementary schools in the Great Basin watershed. Some field trips are offered with teen mentors from area high schools. Contact us to schedule a field trip for your class.

Conserve the Carson River Work Days

Funded by the Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) and supported by local conservation districts, teens and 4th graders team up to learn about the Carson River watershed and to work on conservation projects.  Before the field trip teens participate in training, preparing them to mentor the elementary kids. The elementary students explore the Carson River History Trunk and examine objects on display representing the history of the Carson River from the time of ancient Lake Lahontan during the end of the Wisconsin Age (more than 10,000 years ago) to the development of the Newlands Project and construction of Lahontan Reservoir ending with current day impacts on water quality.  The day of the field trip teens set-up activity stations and await the busloads of 4th graders. Each teen assumes responsibility for 2-5 fourth graders and they participate in five stations; explore the water cycle, test water quality, teach a nonpoint source pollution activity, explore how animals adapt to their environment, harvest and plant willow wattles on the river bank, construct bird nest boxes and more. Students eat lunch together and review the journals assigned to the 4th graders. The day ends with a gathering, group photos, thank yous and the water conservation pledge.  Once back in class, 4th graders hone their letter writing skills by sending a personalized note to their high school mentor, sharing what they learned and liked about Conserve Carson River Work Day.  Ranked by teens and 4th graders alike, this is “one of the best field trips ever!”

Trout in the Classroom Fish Release trips

The Nevada Department of Wildlife coordinates the Trout in the Classroom (NDOW Link) program in Nevada. The program is designed to satisfy 5th grade standards though it is used by elementary and high school classes alike.  River Wranglers serves as a classroom “trout buddy” and visits classes to do activities and teach aquatic ecology.  Teachers may plan their classroom fish release with River Wranglers and after releasing the trout, they spend the morning doing activities to explore water quality, the impact of Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPSP) on fish, the layout of our watershed and more.

Earth Day Events