Inspiring youth through hands-on learning to explore, conserve, and understand the importance of local rivers in Northern Nevada's Great Basin watershed.



through hands-on learning

River Wranglers works with high school science students and elementary kids to learn about the rivers in our watersheds. Teens take the lead in environmental education by working with small groups of elementary students and teaching them about the water cycle, watersheds, pollution, water quality and conservation.



Watersheds of the Great basin

River Wranglers focus on conservation projects to decrease impacts of pollution on the river.  Working with local conservation districts, we stabilize the streambank with bioengineering projects such as placing willow wattles on the bank and seeding with native plant seeds. We wrap trees to protect them from damage and construct nesting boxes for birds.



the importance of local rivers

We work in the Great Basin watershed which is home to the Carson, Truckee and Walker Rivers. Since Nevada is the driest of the continental states, water is critical to our survival.  Students learn about the impacts to our local rivers, historical and current.

Elementary schools in the Great Basin watershed can arrange for field trips where students, teachers, and parents roll up their sleeves and work together to explore, conserve, and understand our watershed.

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